Check out these clips of music created here at Meridain Sound!

Nicki Scruggs (Dark Ruby Red)

Bob Kamler

Jordan Murray (The Leap & Chapter One)

Lazy Waters (Carry On)

Kevin Dyck (Angels)

The Pic & Bow (The Christmas Song)

Logan Lindahl

Mark Miller

Warren Jurgens and Neil Sleevi (Vocals by Meagan Abromeit, Piano by Calvin Arsenia)

Sugarfoot Detour

Warren Jurgens




Sometimes we get sent songs from writers for development and our in-house songwriters and musicians  transform each piece.  Here are some examples…
That’s How You Play A Lullaby – Carol Coffey
©tiptoetunes 2016

Carol sent us this recording and requested a quick turnaround for a simple production of the song, staying as close as possible to the original melody.


Warren and Heather arranged a simple guitar/vocal interpretation, and returned this polished demo within 3 days. They really enjoyed working on this unique song, bringing the fun, whimsical lyrics to life.